About Us

Formed and registered in the year 2016, FOSH has been the amalgamation of two hotel associations namely – Shillong Budget Hotels Association and Shillong Hoteliers Association. FOSH has brought a lot of Hotels and Guest houses together under a common umbrella and has been instrumental in addressing regulatory issues like ETPs, hotel security and better coordination with official and non official bodies.

The President's Role and history of F.O.S.H

Born in the year 1968 to a family of a Hotelier, Parambir has been associated with the Hotel industry from its primitive stage in Shillong when the total number of Hotels in Shillong did not exceed ten. From there he moved on in life and obtained a decree in Law and eventually settled down in a business of distribution of Motor parts. It was in the year 2015 that his father fell ill and Parambir started to run the hotel business on behalf of his family and subsequently renovated the property and at the same time due to his active role in social matters was proposed to the helm of the shillong budget hotels association. He initiated the formation of Federation of Shillong Hotels alongwith the support of his fellow members and hoteliers in 2016 and subsequently another association being the Shillong Hoteliers Association also merged with the Federation of Shillong Hotels and eventually we have a strong body to represent the Hotels in Shillong.